Wherever you look you’ll see our innovation, experience our partnerships, or benefit from our commitment to sustainability


Your imagination starts with our finish

You know your world. You imagine and create. You demand and deliver. You want to work with people who get what you do and like it. That’s why you want to work with Interpon.

Being global, means we’ve been collaborating with architects on projects, big and small, for more than 50 years. Our Interpon powder coatings have been helping to protect their creations, however harsh the environment, stimulating the senses with our broad palette of colors, textures and special effects, sparking ideas with our innovative, sustainable and durable finishes.

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Your personal best

For all manner of materials from metals to heat sensitive substrates, our Interpon powder coatings are everywhere, protecting the oven you cook with and the toys with which your children play.

This is why we are the immediate choice for some of the world’s top manufacturers and industrial trend-setters; for people like you who need reliable, quality performance, and whose products set their own standards of excellence; and for those striving for a kinder environment in which to live.

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General Trade Coaters

Ready. Steady. Coat.

If you can’t perform, you won’t compete. That’s why powder job coaters look to Interpon.

We’re a global leader in quality powder coatings and our products are approved for use with a diverse range of applications. We have literally thousands of colors, textures and special effects in stock. Take the next step to outperformance with Interpon Powder Coatings.

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Driving the current to power your future

Driving. It’s a global passion. And we’re passionate too.

About working with OEMs and the wider industry to protect the cars, trucks and buses that keep our people, our cities and our world mobile. And not only in an aesthetic sense, to protect the design quality and integrity of the vehicle, but also to protect one of our most valuable and important assets from all that life can throw at it. With Interpon Powder Coatings, we’re driving the current to power your future, addressing the ‘conventional’ realities of today, with the electric dreams of tomorrow.

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When protection defines your success

Whether high above ground or deep beneath the sea, high in the wintry hills or stretched across the desert sands, pipelines, electrical components and reinforcing steel need the highest levels of performance in all environments. Which is why Resicoat, a sister brand of Interpon, has created its own range of powder coatings that can be relied upon to perform safely and efficiently throughout a product’s lifecycle and beyond.

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