Ceaseless innovation
The best is only the start

Innovation is about striving to make the best even better: better products; more spectacular color and finishes; enhanced digital tools; and the chance to explore new spaces and applications. It needs creative thinkers, innovators who are prepared to disrupt the present in favor of a new reality, revolutionaries in finding new ways of tackling old challenges.


Products that push the boundaries of how and where a powder coating can be used


Continually developing new colors and finishes that are always on trend


Supporting customers with access to our products and services 24/7

in new spaces

Protecting and enhancing the world of today and tomorrow

Product innovation

You trust us to meet your everyday needs but expect us to push the boundaries of what powder coatings can achieve and how and where they can be used.

That’s why Interpon is in the vanguard of product innovation. Like being able to coat wood, plastics and other heat sensitive substrates. Like protecting parts and even whole vehicles that are driving an electric future. And like creating new finishes that mimic metal, stone and other natural resources.

Interpon ACE range


Long-term performer

With superior corrosion and weathering protection, sustainable process benefits, and a dedicated team, Interpon ACE range is the product of choice for Agricultural and Construction Equipment vehicles often pushed to the limit of their endurance, designed to meet the stringent industry standards.

Interpon Redox One Coat


All-in-one corrosion protection

Just a single application of Interpon Redox One Coat offers Agricultural and Construction Equipment, metal outdoor furniture, lighting, leisure equipment and steel products protection up to corrosion category C4M (ISO 12944).

Interpon D X Pro


Start to finish protection

The superdurablity of Interpon D2525 X-Pro has been innovated to give high-quality architectural features even greater resistance to scratching and marring at every stage of the construction process, minimizing the reject rates in production and virtually eliminating touch-up requirements on site.

Color innovation

Everyone needs color in their lives, and Interpon’s team of experts continues to innovate the widest selection of colors, textures and finishes using proven science and respected research to ensure they are always on trend.

We have colors that dazzle and colors that hide, colors that stand out or blend in. We have shades to reflect moods and environments, textures that are hard or soft to touch, and finishes that can make metal look like wood or stone. Of course, we have to protect, but we also like to look good, whether that’s in high gloss, satin or matt.

Interpon Futura Collection


A true fashion statement

A favorite with architects for more than 20 years, the Interpon D2525 Futura Collection has wonderful colors and beautiful finishes to deliver an aura of wonder and energy, and reflect the natural beauty around us. It’s an example of ceaseless innovation that is not just helping to imagine the future, it is also protecting it.

Interpon D Stone Effect


Rock-solid performance

Interpon D2525 Stone Effect superdurable powder coatings have all of the aesthetic qualities of Portland stone, limestone and brickwork, but without the challenges that come with installation and cost. They offer not only a quality of finish, but also the long-term weathering resistance needed for the most demanding environments.

Interpon Cr


Style and sustainability

Interpon Cr is an innovative and sustainable alternative to chrome plating that delivers all of the style and the brilliant metallic appearance of the real thing, but with none of the environmental and financial downsides and lengthy production challenges associated with the chrome plating process.

Digital innovation

Through ceaseless innovation, we are supporting our customers in the way they imagine and use powder coatings, developing practical, easy-to-use digital tools that they can access 24/7.

Like the Interpon app (iOS), for example, giving customers the information they need at their fingertips, including a product finder, relevant technical information and data sheets/brochures. And like the Interpon Trade app (iOS), designed for authorized distributors, with additional service support including troubleshooting. We’ve also created the Interpon System Finder specifically to help you find your perfect Redox powder coating solution, depending on the environment, corrosivity and system requirement. And we’ve innovated the AkzoNobel Design 2.0 app (iOS) especially for architects and designers, to help you better understand the use of powder and liquid coatings applied to metal in built environments and enable you to create technical specification documents based on internationally recognized Architectural Standards.

AkzoNobel Design App


Creativity in your hands

Our new AkzoNobel Design 2.0 App (iOS) provides simple, convenient access to all the latest brochures, data sheets, certifications and specifications, and our constantly updated range of colors and finishes, enabling architects to select the perfect color match and putting convenience into the hands of those who create.

3D color visualization


Believing is seeing

A unique 3D color visualization tool enables our customers to better understand how a powder coating’s color, texture and finish that looks good in theory, will actually appear in reality, with a true-to-life image of how the color performs, and how light reflects off the surface at different angles.

Interpon webshop


Easy does it

Interpon has the biggest range of Ready-To-Ship high-quality colors, textures and finishes in stock, available through our dedicated e-commerce platform, and on their way to you within 24-hours. You can browse our entire collection quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device and check the status of any orders you have placed, online and offline. Visitors can select and save repeat orders for added convenience, and view and check invoices, even for orders not made through the web. The webshop is available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Australia.

Innovation in new spaces

Wherever you look, you’ll see evidence of Interpon’s ceaseless desire for innovation, protecting and enhancing the world of today, but with an eye on the future demands of our customers.

Our powder coatings can now be applied to non-metallic substrates such as plastics, wood, and other Heat Sensitive Substrates (HSS), taking us into new and ever more exciting spaces, while innovations and technical excellence in other sectors – including automotive and the new generation of Electric Vehicles – are enabling us to influence the design of future mobility.

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Interpon A6000


Driving the future of e-mobility

From a standard engine to the battery pack, high-performance powerplant to the cooling system, Interpon A6000 provides electric vehicles and their components with exceptional resistance to thermal shocks, reliable adhesion characteristics, and high dielectric strength, and does so without compromising on style or sustainability.

Interpon W


Transformational change for heat sensitive substrates

Interpon W is a comprehensive range of powder coating solutions that can transform how customers work with heat sensitive substrates (HSS) such as plastics and wood, enabling furniture, kitchen and bathroom products or building and construction materials to be protected and enhanced in minutes in ways that could not have been imagined before.

To discover more about Interpon W, please visit the dedicated microsite here.

Switch to powder, switch to Interpon

Businesses with a revolutionary mindset are already realizing the benefits of making the switch from liquid to powder, knowing that in almost every case a powder coating is better: better for the environment; better for performance; and better and easier to apply, achieving a right-first-time finish, often in just a single coat.

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