Our ambition:
True sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our powder revolution. AkzoNobel’s sustainability ambitions are tangible and aimed at making an important contribution to addressing the sustainability challenges faced by our company, customers and broader society. We focus particularly on reducing energy and material use, carbon emissions, VOCs and waste, while increasing our use of renewable energy and materials. We aim to create sustainability value for our customers.

Learn more about AkzoNobel’s sustainability commitments here.

Sustainability from start to finish

Our powder coatings are free of Volatile Organic Compounds, create minimum waste, and through their durable, superdurable and hyperdurable qualities deliver longer-lasting performance.

Our primers are also designed to fight corrosion for longer, adding yet another layer of protection and performance to extend the lifetime of the buildings and products they protect.

Environmental Product Declaration

As the first powder coating brand in the market to secure an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) within the architectural space, we practice what we preach.

An EPD gives transparency to how architects and designers account for their sustainability credentials and supports both LEED and BREAAM certification programs to demonstrate environmental responsibility. An EPD similarly delivers valuable insights for customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the entire production cycle. We’ve also been actively developing low cure technology, helping to reduce the energy our customers consume in their own production processes, and in reducing the overall carbon footprint of our entire value chain.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is not just about being kind to the environment. It’s about developing safer, more sustainable solutions that protect us from harmful substances and bring sustainability benefits to our customers.

It’s also about supporting our supply chain and partners within and beyond the factory gates. And we’ve made our own commitment to reducing carbon emissions in the full value chain by 50% and using 100% renewable electricity where we operate by 2030.

Sustainability is part of our DNA

It’s a daily priority for all our employees and is integrated into everything we do.

At AkzoNobel, we’ve made it our business to deliver the sustainable and innovative solutions that our customers, communities – and the planet – are increasingly relying on.

Helping you save energy  

Minimizing energy consumption is a key part of sustainability, and we’ve always been committed to helping our customers use less with products that include low cure and combine primer and topcoat in one and therefore only need a single bake powder coatings. 

On our Energy Saving page, you can get an indication of the potential energy you could save. You’ll also find our energy saving tips and videos explaining how our technical team can help you assess your process and advise how you could make energy savings. 

Find out more 

Interpon D3000

Aiming high in sustainability

When the architects of 30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan imagined their latest creation, it needed to be a symbol of innovation and sustainability, and capable of withstanding tough climatic challenges. The solution is an Interpon D3000 metallic powder coating with the ultimate hyperdurable finish.

Interpon ACE range

Sustainability from the ground up

Interpon powder coatings for the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) are significantly more sustainable and high performing than liquid alternatives. During the application process, the layering can be reduced from traditionally three coats to two, or even a single coat. This means a lower cost per unit, and less waste.

Interpon 610 Low-E

A step towards a net zero carbon future

Interpon 610 Low-E is a powder coating that directly supports a company’s drive towards a net zero carbon future. Switching to Low-E reduces the curing temperature required by 30°C (from 180°C to 150°C), and in doing so cuts energy consumption by up to 20%.

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