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Interpon invites businesses to ‘join the powder revolution’ in major new brand initiative

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings is re-inventing and re-vitalizing its Interpon brand, inviting customers past and present to ‘join the powder revolution’ and realize the significant benefits its Interpon powder coatings team can deliver through a world-class range of products and services.

Interpon is a global leader in powder coatings, with a proven track record that dates back more than 50 years. The growing popularity of powder coatings, not simply for their sustainable credentials but also their performance and color, means AkzoNobel Powder Coatings is relaunching Interpon with a new positioning, narrative, and creative look and feel that better reflects the modern and dynamic brand Interpon has become.

The new and improved Interpon brand, expressed through the ‘Join the Revolution’ campaign and complemented by a stunning new creative direction, articulates the Interpon difference and ambition that the team can bring and that the brand stands for in all industry areas it touches: Ceaseless innovation, true sustainability, and meaningful partnerships.

Interpon’s new brand is underpinned and communicated via a new, dedicated microsite that allows these three ‘pillars’ to be explored in more depth.

It focuses on how Interpon innovates, in product performance, process improvement and most of all, color to make the best even better, with ultra matt, metallic and chrome finishes, and how it can mimic stone, wood and other natural resources. Interpon powder coatings are also pushing into new spaces and creating future markets by coating heat sensitive substrates like plastic and wood, as well as protecting electric vehicle motors and batteries.

The microsite also promotes the role of partnerships, and how Interpon works with businesses looking to make the switch to powder. And it highlights and champions Interpon’s role in creating a more sustainable world, and how a powder coating is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), creates less waste and consumes less energy in the production process.

The new Interpon brand microsite similarly includes ‘proof points’ to evidence Interpon’s commitment to its three pillars, with tangible examples of new product innovation and how it has supported businesses in meeting their sustainability goals and making the switch to powder. There is also a new video that illustrates the key benefits of working with Interpon using brilliant powders to form images of where and how powder is used and the advantages it brings.

Remco Maassen van den Brink, Marketing Director for AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, says he wants customers to experience the Interpon difference: “With Interpon it’s not just about leading a market, it’s about making a market. We’re the business keeping other businesses out in front, thanks to a revolutionary mindset that’s positively disrupting the way people see powder coatings in a way that looks to the future, while keeping it in the here and now.

“Our mission is to serve our customers of every size, big and small, local and global, helping you to imagine and realize a better, more sustainable future, taking you with us on a journey to a new world of possible. So whether it’s a small step or a giant leap, wherever you are in the world, let us help you experience the Interpon difference.”

Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Interpon is a brand and a team with a size and scale evidenced by its presence in more than 70 countries worldwide, and an infrastructure that includes 30 manufacturing sites and 28 R&D facilities. From three main product development centers in North America, Asia and Europe dedicated to the creation of powder coatings, Interpon innovates new products and solutions for its 30,000 customers across a diverse range of established and emerging sectors.

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