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Keeping energy bills down is undoubtedly one of your business priorities at the moment. At Interpon, we can help you, not only with low cure and single coat products, but a wealth of tips and advice to help you minimize your energy consumption.

First of all, here’s our Energy Calculator. Just tell us how many parts you make an hour, how heavy they are, along with your operational hours, and we’ll show you how much energy you could save with our low cure products and contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy saving calculator


Potential energy savings per year:
0 kW

Potential CO₂ saving per year:
0 in kg CO₂ equivalent

Disclaimers: The Energy savings calculator is a generic model and therefore is to be used as guidance only. Specific oven design features, such as insulation factors, are not included. The calculation model uses the following assumptions: Energy savings based on a 20℃ reduction. Ovens are gas fired. Electricity is only used for fans etc. The substrate spends 15 minutes at the curing temperature. Heat-up rate is the same, regardless of temperature set point. AkzoNobel cannot accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Energy Savings Calculator information and results. Using the given information and calculation results as substantiation for investment or otherwise is at own responsibility. No particular rights can be granted from using these data.

Interested in a more detailed energy and cost saving overview?

Check out our energy saving tips

You can find all sorts of ways to reduce your energy consumption with our energy saving guide. This has lots of tips and tricks to help you save energy, from monitoring the energy your compressed air systems consume, particularly during cleaning, to optimizing oven temperature.

Download our energy saving tips

How can we help you save energy?

Our experienced technical services team understand the powder coating process better than anyone. Who better to help you save energy?

Optimize the application process

Are you coating as efficiently as you could? Our 2 minute video looks at key stages of the application process and the ways our technical services team could help you save energy.

Contact us to find out more

Cure more efficiently

From audits and temperature checks to low cure products, there are many ways we can help you make efficiencies.

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Our energy-saving powder coatings

We’ve got several ways to help you save energy: powder coatings that can be cured at lower temperatures; powder coatings that cure 25% faster than ‘standard’ coatings; and products that combine primer and topcoat in one and therefore only need a single bake.

Interpon 610 Low-E

Designed to reduce the curing temperature or curing time, without sacrificing the quality and properties of the coating.

Interpon Redox One Coat

The corrosion prevention solution that delivers all the protection you’d expect from the Redox name but in a single coat.

Interpon ACE Low-E

Designed specifically for the Agricultural and Construction Equipment market, this range can be cured at a lower temperature or with greater speed. Either way, you’re saving.

Interpon 700 HR

Engineered for curing at lower temperature, Interpon 700 HR delivers the ultimate performance, style and protection for a range of interior products.

Interpon D1036 Low-E

An industry first in architectural low energy powder coatings to support more sustainable architectural and industrial designs.

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