Interpon is redefining the way your world sees, experiences and uses powder coatings.

What is a powder coating?

A powder coating is both a decorative and protective finish that is highly durable and more sustainable than alternative coatings solutions.

In terms of the science, a powder coating is based on a polymer resin combined with curatives, pigments and other additives that are mixed into a powder.

  • The powder coating is applied to a surface (‘substrate’) using a spray gun that applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the part of the substrate which is grounded.

  • Once applied, the parts are placed into a curing oven where the coating chemically reacts with the heat to produce long molecular chains, resulting in high cross-link density.

  • These molecular chains are especially tough, and very resistant to breakdown.

Where are they used?

You’ll find Interpon powder coatings enhancing the tallest skyscrapers towering high above the clouds and protecting the pipelines that run beneath the mighty ocean waves.

You’ll find us on the smartphone you carry or the radiators that warm your home, on the desk where you work or the springs and dampers on the car that you drive. You’ll find us too on the garden seat where you relax or the outdoor swings where your children play.

Wherever you look, and in whichever industry or profession you work, you’ll see a surface decorated and protected by an Interpon powder coating.

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Why powder?
Proven sustainability

Powder coatings contain no solvents, are free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and generate no harmful waste during application.

They require less space to transport than liquid, and surfaces finished with a powder coating are are generally easier to clean and more resistant to marring, reducing the need for touch-ups on site. A powder coating delivers the same chemical, mechanical and weathering performance as a liquid, but in fewer coats or even a single layer. A thicker coat typically offers a greater barrier of protection against corrosion than their liquid counterparts, especially in mission critical scenarios, and 100% of any overspray can be reclaimed and reused. And they lose nothing in quality, maintaining color consistency even in extremes of temperature and environment. They also contribute directly to LEED and BREEAM points for ‘green’ buildings in architectural projects and, in the case of Interpon D, come with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), the ultimate benchmark in sustainability.

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Why powder?
Proven efficiencies

Your world and ours is driven by a desire to do more with less, to be even more efficient in terms of the process you follow and the material you use.

Switching to powder coating helps you reduce the total cost of ownership per m2. It is easy to train new employees to use powder, reducing labor costs and re-working and improving quality outcomes.

A powder coating is very forgiving in its application and less sensitive to runs, sags or bubbles. It also requires fewer coats than a liquid and even a single coat can often achieve the same stunning results. Less product and near-zero waste supports a more efficient operation, and since any overspray can be recycled and reused, there is no harmful waste to manage.

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Why powder?
Proven performance

You’re a business that needs to stay out in front.

That’s why top performers have made the switch to an Interpon powder coating and are enjoying the benefits. Our powder coatings deliver the finest colors, textures and finishes with a durable, superdurable and hyperdurable performance that will help redefine how you and your customers see, experience and use our products.

Powder coatings maintain the integrity of the color for longer without fading and provide significantly better edge coverage than alternative coating solutions, making them ideal for more difficult shapes. As well as protecting surfaces against corrosion and rust, even in the most challenging environments, powder coatings are also better at resisting scratches, marring and general wear and tear in transit and installation, avoiding unnecessary costs or delays. And they are better in supporting your bottom line and delivering real value to your top customers.

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How to switch to Interpon?

The future is an exciting place to be, and the Interpon team of technical service experts can help you on your journey to a new world of possible, wherever you are in the world.

We will help you understand the investment required and the benefits that making the switch from liquid to powder will bring. We’ll help show you how easy it is to upskill your staff and provide continued support once your new line is up and running.

And we will respect your current factory processes to ensure a smooth integration between software and hardware. We’ve been partnering with businesses like yours for more than half a century, and we’ll help you to imagine a new and exciting way of working.

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Why switch to Interpon?

Change is our constant companion, which is why a significant number of businesses working across an equally diverse range of industries, and with a revolutionary mindset, are already realizing the benefits of making the switch to powder. They know that in almost every case switching to a powder coating is better: better for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint; better for performance and a longer-lasting solution; and better and easier to apply, achieving a right-first-time finish, often in just a single coat. Switching supports businesses driven by a disruptive mindset and a deep sense of responsibility, to their stakeholders, to society, and to their people.

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“Our desire to change to a powder coating system coincided with a move to a new manufacturing facility. It was the perfect timing. It meant we could design a new facility around a new system, and the Interpon team helped us every step of the way with practical advice, training and support.”

Andy Yates, Technical Director at HAGS

Fulfilling sustainability goals

“Many of our customers make the switch from liquid to a powder coating with Interpon’s support to fulfil their sustainability goals, creating less waste and emitting zero Volatile Organic Compounds. They also see product cost advantages in reducing the amount of powder they use, and the energy and natural resources they consume.”

David Tee, Regional Key Account Manager Powder Coatings South Asia

Efficiency gain from a car trailer customer

“Our car trailer customer was interested in switching part of their liquid painting to a powder coating. Since our commercial vehicles group was already a partner with the customer in supplying liquid paints, it was natural for us to work together in making the transition. It has enabled the customer to bring the powder coating in-house, gaining significant cost efficiencies and enhancing performance, while also reducing volumes of VOCs and waste. We are honored that they chose AkzoNobel Powder Coatings to take them through this switch to powder journey.”

Steve Polanski, Automotive Market Segment Manager, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings North America

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